Break the Rules

Our new sermon series called Break the Rules lead us all the way to Easter weekend. Now, we are not talking about the old adage “rules were made to be broken.” Instead, we will be addressing the idea that every society and culture has some unwritten, and sometimes even unspoken, rules that make some people insiders and keep others outside the walls of fellowship. When Jesus came, He initiated a whole new way of living that went against many of the cultural rules that existed in His day. Jesus was the ultimate rule breaker! Jesus tore down walls that divided races, He crossed over gender lines, He ate with sinners, He confronted hypocritical religious leaders, He loved the unlovely and the unclean and the unwanted. Jesus showed us how to truly LOVE our neighbors. So, as we seek to LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, and SHARE JESUS at CCC … as we continue to PRAY FOR ONE … let’s take a look at some stories from the life of Jesus that will encourage us to Break the Rules!

March 4-5
Breaking Down the Walls

March 11-12
Wreck the Roof

March 18-19
The Way up Is Down

March 25-26
Party With a Stranger

April 1-2
A Feast That Broke the Rules

April 8-9
Forgive Your Enemies

April 15-16
Come Back From the Dead!

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