Connecting Point 4 Kids

Connecting Point 4 Kids


11/05/17 at 11:15 am - 12:15 pm


Hosted by: Compass Chandler; Venue: Room C201





Anna Martin

(480) 963-3997 x140


This class will help your child learn about Jesus, what it means to accept Him as his/her Savior, and how baptism works. We’ll go over the basics of the Christian faith and give your child practical ways to express their faith in their daily lives.

What  You Need to Know Before Class

  1. A parent or spiritual mentor must attend with the child.
  2. Pick up a copy of Taking the Plunge and review the book together before going to the class. The book is available in the Resource Center for $5.
  3. Once your child is ready for baptism, call us at 480-963-3997 x 114 or by email to schedule a time, usually after any of our services.