Pre-Marital Class

Pre-Marital Class


09/23/18 at 11:30 am - 12:45 pm


Hosted by: Compass Chandler; Venue: Room A206


$50 per couple



Jennifer Castillo

(480) 963-3997


Do you feel confident that your upcoming marriage will last a lifetime? Is your tool kit filled with skills to be successful in marriage? Compass Christian Church offers a complete program to help your marriage start off right. A small investment of your time in the beginning of your marriage will help you build skills and align your expectations with God’s plan for the marriage covenant.

Pre-Marital Class runs from September 9-November 11 on Sundays.

In this 9-week pre-martial class, we will cover:
• God’s idea for marriage
• Building a marriage on a firm foundation
• Understanding how we communicate
• Preventing conflict
• Resolving conflict
• Understanding differences
• Money and relationships
• Intimacy in marriage