How Does Rekindle Work?

Large to Small Group

Large Group: 45 minutes

Every evening begins in a large group setting. During this time you will hear couples publicly share their marriage story and Rekindle leaders teach principles for marriage growth.

Small Group: 60–75 minutes

When Large Group concludes, couples move into Small Groups. Couples have different destinations depending on which stage of the Rekindle process they are in. There are 3 stages:

Newcomers is for first-time attendees to Rekindle. At Newcomers your leaders will share some of their marriage story, explain the Rekindle process and discuss your next steps. This is a safe environment for you to come and hear what Rekindle is all about. No one will ask you to share.

Open Group is for couples that have attended Newcomers and want to start working on their marriage. Each week will feature group discussion on different marriage topics. At this time, you will begin learning about marriage sharing some of your story at your own pace. There is no cost or obligation to be in an Open Group.

Closed Group consists of 4-5 participating couples and a facilitator couple who will walk through the 16-lesson Rekindle curriculum together. You will not be placed in a Closed Group until you have indicated that you are ready.

Note: The fall 2016 Closed Groups will all be assigned in the first week of the program.

There is no charge to attend Rekindle Open Groups, and we provide free child care for children through the 6th grade. For those who are unsure whether this program might be right for them, we suggest attending three to four evenings to see how well Rekindle works for them. There is no cost or commitment.  You have nothing to lose and a great marriage to gain.

Limited childcare through 6th grade is available at no charge. Pre-registration is kindly requested.

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