Daily Devotionals

Week 8

God’s Unfailing Love—Shanna Myers brings us hope through Psalm 33:22 today. This powerful verse teaches us that while things in our world may fail us—whether it’s people or things. But God’s love NEVER fails. And his love isn’t contingent upon anything we do. No matter what, no matter when, no matter how…He loves you. Just the way you are.

Leading by Faith—Worship Pastor Brandon Bellerson is taking us through 2 Corinthians 4:17-18. We need to look to God for all things. Our hope needs to be in Jesus, not anyone or anything else.

Wait Patiently—Pastor Brian helps us see, through Psalm 25:5, that when we wait on the Lord patiently and hopefully, He teaches us in the waiting. Even in hard, challenging circumstances like a pandemic, waiting can be a time of great learning.

The Best Company in the Worst Places—Pastor Ashlyn Henke shares with us insights from Isaiah 43:1b–3a. At some point in our lives, and maybe recently, we’ve all been afraid. God hasn’t promised that we will be exempt from things that hurt. God offers us a comforting whisper that says, “Fear not.” We are safe. He doesn’t say WHAT HE WILL DO, but He does say WHERE HE WILL BE. And that is WITH US every single time. And that is enough to meet our needs.

Present Suffering and Future Glory—Pastor Allan Swinson helps illuminate a familiar verse, Romans 8:28, with fresh insight. Paul was teaching how to view things from an eternal perspective. Amid adverse circumstances, perhaps like a pandemic, God can still work good.

Be Strong—Pastor Geoff Hunker reminders us, through Joshua 1:9 and additional scriptures, that regardless of what you might be going through, God promises to be with you, giving you strength and courage and boldness.

Week 7

Hope For a Purpose—The book of Hebrews is about all the ways Jesus is greater than everything else. Pastor Jessie Vaca helps us see, through Hebrews 10:23, that in times of stress, we can cling to hope because we hold to an amazing God. And the hope isn’t just for us. God places it in us to encourage others.

Run to God—Shanna Myers sheds light on what might be a familiar bible verse, Proverbs 3:5-6. It can be hard for us to trust God completely. Most often, we work out of our own effort. But we must talk to him, sharing our worries, concerns and joys with him. Then…simply sit back and listen.

Thanks and Praise—Pastor Danny Hughes brings us encouragement from Psalm 7:17. Often, during trying times, it can be hard to maintain a spirit of gratitude. But when we focus on the unchanging nature of God—his righteousness—there’s always something to be thankful for.

The God of Hope—Pastor Brian helps us see that hope can’t be found in a person, in government, or in anything earthly. In Romans 15:13, we learn that we have a God that loves us. He comes alongside us through his Holy Spirit to allow us to persevere over any circumstance.

Seek the Lord—Sometimes, even though God is working in your present situation, it’s can be hard to see it. Pastor Ashlyn Henke encourages us, through Psalm 34:4, with ways to see God in the midst of stress and fear.

The Source of Our Hope—When difficult times come, we, as Christians, need to be prepared to give an answer for the hope we have. What’s that hope? Pastor Allan Swinson helps us find the answer through 1 Peter 3:15.

Week 6

Unshakable confidence—Pastor Rick Calcutt helps us see, through Hebrews 11:1, that our faith is the foundation of our lives. It’s what makes life worth living. It gives us hope, confidence and assurance day to day.

Lean Into God—Pastor Jessie Vaca helps us see, through Psalm 55, that in times of trouble, God hears our voice. When we choose to lean into God and don’t give in to fear, he will sustain us.

The Nature of God—Shanna Myers, through Nahum 1:7, helps deepen our understanding of the nature of God. He is our stability when life seems stormy. He’s our refuge in times of trouble. And he longs to be close to us.

Help People See Jesus—Pastor Danny Hughes helps us understand that, just like Isaiah called for people to do in the Old Testament, we should be a “voice in the wilderness.” Through what we do and say, we can help people see Jesus and know the hope and healing he brings in times of trouble.

Whom Shall We Fear—Pastor Brian digs into Psalm 27:1 and helps us see Jesus as our light in the darkness, our salvation for eternity and a stronghold of protection. Be encouraged! With God on our side, we have nothing to fear.

Love and Strength—God power, authority and ability is amazing. Even still, sometimes we doubt if God is able to help in our situation. Pastor Ashlyn Henke helps us see, through Isaiah 41:10, that God doesn’t say he CAN help, He says he WILL help. In the midst of uncertainty and darkness, we don’t have to be afraid.

Week 5

Where Do You Find Peace?—The peace from Jesus is unlike the world’s idea of peace. Pastor Allan Swinson digs into John 14:27 to help us understand the uniqueness of the peace that Jesus gives. He’s the Prince of Peace. Because of that, our hearts shouldn’t be troubled.

God Is Doing a New Thing—Through Isaiah 43:19, Worship Pastor Geoff Hunker helps us see that God doesn’t want us focusing on the past. It can keep us from moving to whatever new thing He has for us. God will make a path forward for you just as he did with the Israelites.

He’s Got This—“Do not let your hearts be troubled.” Pastor Jessie Vaca helps us understand that these powerful words from Jesus in John 14:1 are a reassuring command. No matter how out of control things feel, no matter how stressful, Jesus has things in control.

Slow Down—“Be still and know that I am God.” Shanna Myers helps us see this familiar verse, Psalm 46:10, is more than a call to slow down. It’s a reminder that God is our refuge, our help in times of need—perhaps needs like our present circumstances. And He deserves our awe.

The Source of Life—Pastor Matt Myers leads us to ask ourselves, “What fills me up?” It’s not always what we first think it is. In John 10:10, we learn that Jesus wants to give us life…abundant, overflowing life. Are you ready to be changed by Him?

Hope That Is Certain—Pastor Brian helps us see, through Psalm 31:24, the importance of putting our hope in the Lord. Those who put their hope in worldly things face inevitable disappointment. God is a promise keeper, a firm foundation. When our hope is in Him, we can face the world with confidence and certainty.

Week 4

All Things Are Possible—Pastor Ashlyn Henke helps us see that, through Mark 10:27 and the surrounding verses, Jesus leveled the playing field between those with plenty and those without much. At the time, this was a cultural bombshell. With God, regardless of our situation or status in society, all things are possible.

Don’t Lose Sleep—We can spend so much time worrying about things that don’t matter…that aren’t eternal. Pastor Allan Swinson helps us see, through Matthew 6:25-26, that we shouldn’t worry about tomorrow. God is already there. Instead, trust Him with what He’s given us today.

Be Encouraged—Through Philemon 7, Pastor Rick Calcutt helps us see that Paul was proud of how his friends were living their lives and he wanted to motivate them further. Be encouraged today as you share the love of Christ with those around you.

Persevering Over Trials—Many people would consider our current situation of social isolation and separation a trial. Pastor Jessie Vaca encourages us, through James 1:2, to have a more long-term view. And understand that trials bring perseverance that deepens our spiritual lives and makes us more complete in the Lord.

Contentment and Strength—Shanna Myers helps us refine our perspective on this familiar verse about strength and perseverance. Written by the Apostle Paul, we see that contentment is key—being satisfied with what we have at the moment. When Christ is the source of our peace, He also gives us strength day-to-day.

Put Your Hope in God—Through the new 40 Days of Hope reading plan, Pastor Matt Myers helps us see Psalm 42:11 as a great verse about hope. It provides advice for how to get “unstuck” from negative feelings.

Week 3

The Remedy for Trials and Temptations—Do you ever feel like you’re going through a trial? Many of us may feel this way now. Pastor Brian helps us through James 1 and Ephesians 1:15 for the remedy: thankfulness.

It’s Okay Not to Be Okay—Many of us have experienced quite a bit of loss in the season we’re all in. We’ve lost our normal habits, places and more. Pastor Ashlyn Henke helps us see, through the book of Colossians, that we should clothe ourselves in love as we interact with each other. We’ve gone through a lot and love should rule the day.

Lead the Way—We are living in a time of fear, confusion and uncertainty for many of us. In the midst of that truth, Pastor Allan Swinson asks us, “How are you doing with your relationships?” If you’re battling these things, chances are others around you are too. In Ephesians 4, the Apostle Paul gives us great advice on how to respond to it.

MAKE CHANGE—In John 15:4-8, we see that as followers of Christ, our lives should bear fruit of the life we have in Him. Pastor Geoff Hunker challenges us to examine our lives and see if any areas need work. Then, make a small change that you can build on.

Perspective — All too often, when we look at things only from a human perspective, it’s overwhelming. When we choose God’s perspective, we see that an entirely different outcome is possible. Pastor Rick Calcutt encourages us to have the right outlook on the pandemic we’re facing.

For Such a Time as This — Without a doubt, we are living in an unprecedented time. Things may seem unsure and chaotic. Pastor Jessie Vaca helps us see, through Job 38, that God is in control. And that as Christians, we are in a perfect position to be a beacon of hope, joy and love to the people around us.

Week 2

Pause and Reflect—This is a unique Saturday. Sandwiched between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Through the “Walking with Jesus” bible reading plan, Pastor Ashlyn Henke challenges use to use today to pause and dwell for a time on Christ’s death, so we better appreciate the new life that we gained through His sacrifice.

A Dark Day—It’s Good Friday, and in the “Walking with Jesus” bible reading plan, we pause and reflect for a moment. Shanna Myers leads us to consider the darkness of this day. Be reminded of the cost of Jesus’ sacrifice. Remember our need for a Savior.

Hope is Coming—Today’s reading from the “Walking with Jesus” bible reading plan focuses on Jesus’ trial before Pontius Pilate. Pastor Jessie Vaca helps us see that it as a powerful moment when the Son of God could have stoped the proceedings. However, he chose to let things unfold around him. He knew there was a bigger plan in play. He knew that hope for all humanity was right around the corner.

Watch and Pray—As we continue the “Walking with Jesus” bible reading, Pastor Brian examines Mark 14 when Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemane. This week, of all weeks, let’s not fall away from Jesus, but instead remember what He endured and focus your heart on Him.

The Humble Servant – Through today’s “Walking with Jesus” bible reading, we see one of the most profound examples of Jesus serving others as He washed the feet of the disciples. It serves as a reminder that in a similar way His death on the cross makes us clean.

Today we begin a special seven-day reading plan together called, “Walking with Jesus.” You can find it on the YouVersion Bible app for your phone, or on your computer at bible.com.

The Triumphal Entry—This is passion week, starting with Jesus entering Jerusalem as the humble servant king He intended to be, on a donkey with great humility. What does it look like in our lives if we model this same humility? How might others see Christ through us?

Patience and Pineapples — Waiting can be tough. It’s difficult when things are out of our control. Shanna Myers encourages us to practice patience so we can bear the good fruit that God intends us to.

Trials and Opportunities — Facing new rhythms and new routines can be hard. What does your rhythm with God look like? Pastor Matt Myers challenges us to allow God to speak to us and comfort us so we can turn that compassion around to bless others.

Pastor Brian shares, from Revelation 21, how perspective makes all the difference in how you navigate life. Present circumstances can draw you away, or they can be an opportunity for you to lean into the Lord and let him inspire and encourage you.

GOD IS WITH US — There’s a lot going on in our world right now. Is God still concerned with all the little details of our little lives? Does He see the joys or disappointments? Pastor Ashlyn Henke helps us see through Psalm 139, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!”.

Often, we wrestle with what God’s will for our lives is. Pastor Allan Swinson walks us through exactly what God’s will for us is in 1 Thessalonians. It’s not always the mystery we want to think it is.

We need a shepherd! Are you feeling far from God? Struggling with your faith? Pastor Geoff Hunker helps us see, through Psalm 23, that God is drawing you close, giving you strength and guiding you each day.

Week 1

You can make a difference! — Pastor Jessie Vaca encourages us, through the book of Jeremiah, to bring peace, love and hope to those around us.

A PRAYER FOR YOU—Shanna Myers shares a prayer from the Apostle Paul and urges us to grow in love, understanding and character during our present circumstances.

LIFE DISRUPTED — It’s relatively safe to say that everyone’s lives have been disrupted over the past few weeks. Pastor Matt Myers helps us see the positive opportunities disruption brings.

PERSISTENCE IN PRAYER — Pastor Brian draws from the book of Daniel, where we see a great lesson in being persistent in our prayers, even when answers are slow to come.

PRACTICING GOD’S PRESENCE — Need encouragement in the middle of your day? Listen to Pastor Ashlyn Henke as she helps us see the blessing of practicing God’s presence in our daily lives.

SPEAK CALM — Pastors Rick Calcutt and Geoff Hunker challenge us to focus on what God wants to do THROUGH us and TO us during this season of life. And they encourage us to speak calm in the midst of the storm.

SOLITUDE & STORMS — For today’s devotional, Pastor Jessie Vaca draws from Matthew 14 as he encourages us to focus on Jesus in the midst of the storms of life.

CHOOSE HOPE! — In today’s devotional, Children’s Director Shanna Myers takes a look at Psalm 42 and a practical lesson of hope we can learn from the life of David.

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