Every week, people from different backgrounds and generations join as one to engage in worship as a family at Compass Christian Church (CCC). From this place of worship, they go back to their homes, schools, and workplaces as carriers of the joy, hope, and life found in the presence of God.

Worship and Creative Arts Team at CCC helps direct and guide the church in praise and worship of God through various mediums of art.

This includes leading the church in musical worship, thinking through the aesthetics of the Sunday morning service venue, and incorporating creative arts into our Sunday morning services. In addition to the musicians seen on stage, the “behind-the-scene” effort is also vitally important; cameras, lyrics, staging, video. All because Jesus is worthy of our worship—our best worship.

How Can I Get Involved?

The Worship and Creative Arts team is always looking for volunteers who sing, play instruments, or have gifts in a variety of creative arts (technology, staging, cameras). Interested in learning more about getting involved?

Why Do We Teach From The Bible?

More than a third of a worship service is taken by teaching from the Bible.Why is the Word of God so prominent? God has chosen to reveal himself through the Bible.

John 1:1 says, “In the beginning was the Word.

Not “in the beginning was the song”, or “in the beginning was the drama”. God identified his Son, His only Son, as the Word. This is tremendously important. “In the beginning was the Word.” The Son of God is the Word of God. He is God’s communication to the world, God’s Word.

Why is the form of “teaching” so prominent in worship?

In 2 Timothy 4:1 it reads, “I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His appearing and His kingdom: preach the word.

So it is clear that preaching was to be a prominent activity. And the context of John 3:16-17 seems to imply that preaching is not just for evangelism on the street corner or in the synagogue, but for the saints who need to be “challenged, warned, and urged” as found in 2 Timothy 4:2.

Why Do We Sing in Church?

Let’s be honest, it has it’s awkward moments. A room full of people, singing to God (some who can sing, some who cannot), people raising their hands, shouting “amen,” getting emotional.

We know that worship can feel uncomfortable. This is OK! We started there, too.

There’s a reason why the people of Compass Christian Church worship the way we do. It’s not just about singing, but it’s about who we sing to and about.

We sing because…

  1. God is worthy—There is no other worthy of our praise, glory, honor, and renown.

  2. Singing unifies us.

  3. God commands it—“Sing to him a new song…” (Psalm 33:3).

  4. Singing helps us express—Music engages the emotions. Music has been a part of culture for centuries, everywhere. Music helps us recall God’s promises.

Why Do We Serve Bread and Juice (Communion) During Our Worship Services?

We simply do it to help us remember.

Before Jesus died on the cross, He gave us something to remember because He knew we would be forgetful—even about the most important things.

He had a supper with His closest friends (His followers were known as “disciples”), and while they were eating He took a loaf of bread and broke it in two (Matthew 26:17-30). He said, “When you come together and eat together, I want this broken bread to remind you of what I have done for you.”

He told them that He would die for our sins. He would be beaten and treated very cruelly, taking our punishment upon Himself. His body would be broken, literally nailed to the cross. So, when we eat the broken bread, it reminds us of His broken body.

Then Jesus took a cup of wine and said, “When you drink, remember that my own blood was poured out for you. When you drink, remember that. Remember that I loved you so much that I gave up my very blood for you.”

That’s a lot of love! That’s why we want to remember.

Why Do We Take an Offering?

If you call Compass Christian Church your home, it is a time of worship; it’s an important time of giving thanks for all He has done in our lives. We are giving back to Him a small portion of what He has given us. As a follower of Jesus our lives and even our finances are focused on Him. We trust God and have faith in Him to provide for us.

We believe that what we have is not ours—God has entrusted us with our possessions and He wants us to live a life of generosity to others.

So in worship, we serve Him with all of our life—with our time, our talents and our finances.

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